An Efficient Registrar

Detailed comparison of incumbent registrar charges frequently demonstrates that transferring registration services to Neville Registrars would result in cost savings, to potential client companies (issuers), of between two-thirds and five-sixths.

Neville Registrars provides high quality registration services which, many of our issuers tell us, are better than those of other registrars.

Neville Registrars’ ability to provide high quality registration services profitably at prices only one-third or one-sixth of their competitors leads to the conclusion that competition in the sector may be overpriced and inefficient.

Neville Registrars’ objective is cost-effectiveness.

If you would like Neville Registrars to provide a competitive quote for your registration services please telephone Emma Winnall on 0121 585 1131.

If your incumbent registrar should offer to match Neville Registrars’ price, we would be grateful if you would recognise that your decision will represent in principle a choice between, on one hand, support for continuing inefficiency and higher prices and, on the other hand, support for efficiency and lower prices.

In such circumstances, we trust that Neville Registrars will be able to count on your support.

A Promise of Value

We provide first class share registration services at substantially less cost than the competition. We pride ourselves in a business ethic and commitment to our clients that has, over the years, been unmatched by larger registrars.

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The Right Selection of Services

Whether straight forward share registration or transfer agent services, register analysis, shareholder communications, corporate actions, IPOs or Mini Bonds, Neville Registrars is able to offer its client companies a wide range of services along with a vast wealth of experience.

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Est. 1936

Neville Registrars has 75 years of experience earned through four major Companies Acts. Our team has been grown from a tight mix of professionals and our bespoke software system has already proved its ability to deal with registers of more than 75,000 shareholders.

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Personal Service. Solid Relationships. Real People.

Clients are assured of a highly personal service through a support team trained to give swift and accurate answers to all enquiries — a level of service provided without recourse to call centres, call menus or premium rate telephone lines.

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