Established in 1936, Neville Registrars has earned an outstanding reputation as the choice provider of share registration services and an experienced CREST registrar. Our long experience has taught us that technical excellence and solid relationships result in a successful business.

Founded as share registrars in 1936, the professional expertise of Neville Registrars is built upon over 80 years of continuous experience and development under four major Companies Acts from 1929 to the most recent in 2006.

Accredited as a CREST registrar in 1996 when settlement in CREST first began, Neville Registrars is also an accredited CREST Receiving Agent and qualified to act as Receiving Agent in accordance with Appendix 4 of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Neville Registrars is an efficient and progressive registration Company dedicated to forging solid relationships, of placing the interest and reputation of its client companies above that of its own and of providing the highest standards of care and excellence. We believe the best service is provided through relationships, and as such we pride ourselves in the attention that we dedicate to our clients.

As Agent to our client companies, we are committed to building systems and processes which allow us to flex to their needs rather than mould them to our own. Our flexible outlook and ‘can-do attitude mean that we are constantly adding new functionality in response to the requirements of our client companies.

Companies appointing us benefit by receiving the very highest quality of service at substantially less cost than the competition.